Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm Not Quitting

I'd like to inform you that I'm going to stop blogging regularly here.
However, my other blog will still be running.
You see, I've found that both my blogs are quite similar, so I'm going to use this blog whenever I get the urge to bring up a topic I've already tackled.
Thank you.

The Rebel

And this in no way means I'm quitting, or even considering it.

Monday, January 09, 2006

On The Border

Why do Saudi men enjoy harassing females?
I am utterly convinced that they do enjoy it immensly, and nothing anyone says can convince me otherwise.
On the Bahrain border, the customs guy shouted my name.
I rolled the window down and said "Yes?"
"I need a copy of your permission slip."
You see, we fully grown Saudi Arabian women cannot leave the country (minus our 'guardians') without our said said 'guardian's' permission. Yeah.
My uncle (who was driving us there) said "The slip is stapled to the passport, but I have another written statement from her father."
"What use is a stupid letter to me!? I need a copy of this here slip!"
To which my uncle replied with a "No one ever asks us for a copy of anything. Usually the slip itself is enough."
"Well, whoever's let you across any border without a copy of the slip was doing you a favour. Out of pity." He said, eyeing me.
Ofcourse, knowing my raging temper, my uncle was giving me worried glances. In short, he was waiting for the out burst. I did not disappoint.
"What do you mean? I have been every where, and I have never heard of needing a copy of the permission slip, because I do not need one."
The man looked at us like we were a breed of maggots, and said "Give me that letter. I'll accept it just this once. You're very lucky."

Upon further inspection (or pondering. Whatever.), I came to the realization that there is no need for a copy of the permission slip. The man was just being his sexist, Saudi male self.
Well fuck them. Every male chauvinist pig out there; GO FUCK YOURSELF AND DIE.

The Rebel